Statistics - Batch (ByGroup) Analysis

Ribbon bar. Select the Statistics tab. In the Tools group, click Batch By Group to display the Batch (ByGroup) Statistics Browser.

Classic menus. On the Statistics menu, select Batch (ByGroup) Analysis to display the Batch (ByGroup) Statistics Browser.

The Batch (ByGroup) Statistics Browser and the Batch (ByGroup) Graph Browser are the main organizing "hubs" of STATISTICA Batch (ByGroup) Analysis. They organizes all nodes (more than 100 for statistics analyses and 45 for graphs at the present time), which contain, enhance, and combine in useful ways the full functionality of the STATISTICA system and its analytical library of routines and programs, both for model building and data analysis and visualization. The organization of files in the browser into folders and subfolders can be fully configured and customized, and different configurations can be saved under different names.