Statistics - Industrial Statistics & Six Sigma - Quality Control Charts / Data Mining - Process Optimization - QC Charts - Quality Control Charts

Ribbon bar. Select the Statistics tab. In the Industrial Statistics group, click QC Charts and on the menu, select QC Charts...

Classic menus. On the Statistics - Industrial Statistics & Six Sigma submenu (or from the Data Mining - Process Optimization - QC Charts submenu), select Quality Control Charts... display the Quality Control Charts Startup Panel. In all production processes, the extent to which products meet quality specifications must be monitored. In the most general terms, there are two "enemies" of product quality: 1) deviations from target specifications, and 2) excessive variability around target specifications. During the earlier stages of developing the production process, designed experiments are often used to optimize these two quality characteristics (see the documentation for the Design of Experiments module); the methods provided in Quality Control Charts are on-line or in-process quality control procedures to monitor an on-going production process.

The Quality Control Charts module will compute all standard Shewhart control charts for variables (e.g., X-bar, X, R, S) or attributes (P, Np, C, U), and includes a large number of options to handle short runs, sets, causes, actions, user-defined alarms, etc. These options are highly customizable and designed to support complex, real-time quality control monitoring applications. Note that the Quality Control Charts facilities in STATISTICA are specifically designed to support large-scale quality control charting setups, and can take advantage of distributed data processing on large networks.

Consult the product description brochure for sales information concerning this module and, specifically, which modules are included with each STATISTICA product.