Edit Global Dictionary Parameters

From the Statistica Workspace Tools menu, select Edit Global Dictionary to display the Edit Global Dictionary Parameters dialog box. The Global Dictionary is a workspace-wide repository of parameters that can be accessed and changed from within each node (i.e., the Statistica Visual Basic script that defines the data cleaning and filtering node, or the analysis node; see also, How to Write .svx Scripts for Data Miner).  

Add New Parameter. Click this button to display the Create New Parameter dialog box, which contains options to add a new parameter to the global dictionary. Of course, this parameter will be ignored by the node in the current project until it is "serviced" (used or  referenced). How to Write .svx Scripts for Data Miner contains specific details and examples on how to write Statistica Visual Basic scripts (e.g., to call Statistica analysis procedures and routines).

How deployment information is stored and kept up-to-date. The deployment information for the different nodes that are named ...with Deployment is stored in various forms locally along with each node, as well as globally in the global dictionary, "visible" to other nodes in the same project. This is an important point to remember, because for Classification and Discrimination, as well as Regression Modeling and Multivariate Exploration, the Node Browser contains a node Compute Prediction from All Models. This node will compute predictions based on all deployment information currently available in the global dictionary, which can be reviewed via this dialog. Therefore, when building models for deployment using these options, make sure that all deployment information is up-to-date, i.e., based on models trained on the most current set of data. You can also use the Clear All Deployment Info nodes in the workspace, to programmatically clear out out-of-date deployment info, every time the project is updated. See also Examples 3 and 4 for illustrations on how to deploy projects.

See also, Data Mining Definition, Data Mining with Statistica Data Miner, Structure and User Interface of Statistica Data Miner, Statistica Data Miner Summary, and Getting Started with Statistica Data Miner.