Customizing STATISTICA - Toolbars and Menus

Although toolbars and menus can be customized in STATISTICA, there are a few differences between the two items. Primarily, toolbars can be customized with a greater variety of controls than menus, and user-defined toolbars can be created.

Special controls vs. simple buttons. As mentioned in the Toolbar Overview, in addition to housing standard commands and macros, toolbars can also be customized with a variety of special controls. For example, it is possible to add Font Size and Name controls, Font Colors, Graphics Styles, and other specialized controls that would normally appear on a toolbar as a drop-down list box. Menus, on the other hand, can only be customized with simple macros and commands (or buttons).

Turning off toolbars. Another difference between toolbars and menu bars is that toolbars can be turned off (via the Customize dialog or the View - Toolbars menu), while menu bars cannot be turned off without some programming effort. Essentially, this ensures that menus (that are indispensable for normal operation of STATISTICA) will always be available regardless of whether a STATISTICA document is open or not. For a list of the menus available in different situations (i.e., when a report is open, when a spreadsheet is open, etc.), refer to the Menu Overview.

User-defined toolbars. An additional difference between toolbars and menus is that you can create up to 16 user-defined toolbars using the simple facilities illustrated in Customizing Toolbars, whereas some programming effort is necessary to create user-defined menus. Note however, that you can add or remove items from existing menus in a similar manner as toolbar buttons when the Customize dialog is displayed. See the Toolbar Overview for more details.

Menu configuration file. You can create a customized menu and toolbar configuration file using the Export Configuration option on the Customize dialog - Options tab. This file can be distributed to other computers. It will not affect other customized configurations. See also Customizing STATISTICA Overview.