File - Help/Support

Ribbon bar. Select the File tab. In the left pane, select Help/Support to access the options described here.

Help. The following options are located under the Help heading:

Help. Click Help to access the Statistica Help files. Statistica provides comprehensive, context-sensitive, documentation for all program procedures and all options. Press the F1 key on your keyboard, or click the help button on the caption bar of dialog boxes to access the Help. Note that ToolTips also display short explanations of the menu commands or toolbar buttons. In addition, you can press the help key (F1) when a command is highlighted for more information on any menu command.

Index. Click Index to display the Statistica Help Index.

Glossary. Click Glossary to display the Statistica Help Glossary.

Statistical Advisor. Click Statistical Advisor to display the Statistical Advisor. Based on your answers to the successive questions about the nature of your research, the Statistical Advisor will suggest which statistical methods should be used and where to find them in Statistica.

Quick Reference. Click Quick Reference to open a .pdf file of the Statistica Quick Reference. This reference book describes commonly used options in Statistica. It includes examples, overviews, and illustrations and includes tips on how to optimize your work.

Electronic Stats Textbook. Click Electronic Stats Textbook to display the award-winning on-line Electronic Statistics Textbook.

Open Examples. Click Open Examples to display the Open a Statistica Data File dialog box. This option provides a shortcut to the Statistica example files. By default, the Look in box is set to the Example folder. This folder contains subfolders containing example databases, data sets, graphs, and macros for use when working through the many examples found in the Statistica Help.

R Integration. Click R Integration to open a white paper in .pdf format that describes integration options and features to leverage specialized R functionality in Statistica and Statistica Enterprise Server.

Scorecard. Click Scorecard to open the Scorecard Tutorial .pdf file, which contains detailed information about developing Statistica scorecards.

Support. The following options are located under the Support heading:

Dell Statistica Home Page. Click Dell Statistica Home Page to launch the Dell Statistica home page in your default browser, where you can access the most recent information about Statistica, downloadable upgrades, new releases, new products, etc. Also included is a comprehensive list of "Frequently Asked Questions" (including useful tips, solutions to hardware/software compatibility problems, etc.) and a library of Statistica Visual Basic programs (written by users).

Technical Support. Click Technical Support to display the Technical Support topic in Statistica Help.

Register. Click Register to register your installation of Statistica.

About Dell Statistica. The option under the About Dell Statistica heading leads to information about your version of Statistica including the serial number and expiration date.

More Details. Click More Details to display the About Dell Statistica dialog box.