SQL Criteria

If the Show SQL Criteria dialog check box in the Analysis Configurations Run Options properties page is selected, the SQL Criteria dialog box is displayed when an end user runs the Analysis Configuration.

Optionally define any additional criteria that you want to append to the SQL statement that is the
Query indicated at the top of the dialog.

Select the column name from the
Column list box, and select the appropriate operator from the Operator list box to begin creating an expression for criteria.

In the Value(s) box, either enter the value to be used as the argument of the expression or select a value or range of values to be used as the argument from a list of available values by clicking the ellipses button.

Once the expression (criterion) has been defined, click Add to include the expression in the box below. You can add as many expressions as necessary. Once you have added the first expression to the list, an AND/OR operator selection control is displayed in the upper-left portion of the dialog box. Select "And" or "OR" to define the logical condition of the current expression as it relates to the previous one. To remove an expression or to remove all expressions, click the Remove and Remove All buttons respectively.