3D Histogram by... - Discrete by Continuous

This Graphs of Input Data - 3D Histogram by... option is similar to the Continuous by Discrete option, except that the first (highlighted) variable in the spreadsheet is the discrete (or to be manually categorized) variable for the bivariate histogram. STATISTICA will automatically categorize (see below) the values of the continuous variable that you have selected in the Select Single Variable dialog, and the Select Codes dialog will allow you to specify the codes for the discrete variable.

Automatic categorization conventions. Both selected variables will be divided into categories for this bivariate histogram. When a selected variable is categorical (usually 10 or fewer categories), STATISTICA will use those categories as the histogram intervals for that variable. If a variable has either more than 10 categories or its values are non-integers (continuous), then STATISTICA will divide the values into approximately 10 to 12 intervals based on the range of the values.