This test, proposed by Mann, Scheuer, and Fertig (1973), is described in detail in, for example, Dodson (1994) or Lawless (1982). The null hypothesis for this test is that the population follows the Weibull distribution with the estimated parameters. Nelson (1982) reports this test to have reasonably good power, and this test can be applied to Type II censored data. For computational details refer to Dodson (1994) or Lawless (1982); the critical values for the test statistic have been computed based on Monte Carlo studies, and have been tabulated for n (sample sizes) between 3 and 25; for n greater than 25, this test is not computed.

The Mann-Scheuer-Fertig test is available in the Process Analysis module (via the Weibull and Reliability/Failure Time Analysis options). See also: Hollander-Proschan Test and Anderson-Darling Test.