Missing and Out-of-Range Data Plots - Advanced Tab

Graphical Analytic Techniques

Use the options on the Advanced tab of the Missing and Out-of-Range Data Plots Startup Panel to specify ranges for out of range data.

Variables. Click the Variables button to display the standard variable selection dialog box, in which you select the variable(s) to be plotted. The variable(s) that you select will be plotted on the x-axis in the graph (against Cases on the y-axis).

Missing data. From this drop-down list, select Missing Data to display missing data points for the specified variables. Select Outliers to display the outliers in the graph, or select Both to display missing data and outliers.

Specify range for outliers. Out-of-range values can be defined using the Min and Max edit fields for the respective variable (selected by clicking the Vars button). Values that fall above or below the defined range will be plotted in the graph. Missing data values can be displayed along with the out-of-range (outlier) values by selecting Both on the drop-down list. A different point pattern will be used for each defined range.