How can I place one STATISTICA graph into another?

Pasting one graph into another. The easiest way to place one graph into another is to copy a graph displayed in one window (press CTRL+C or click the  toolbar button), and then move to the target graph window and paste it there (press CTRL+V or click the  toolbar button). The pasted graph will be displayed on the target graph. Now you can move or resize it like every other custom graphic object.

You can also change the properties of the pasted object by selecting Object Properties from its respective shortcut menu (right-click on an object). You can also edit the embedded object by double-clicking on it (following the standard OLE conventions).

Linking and embedding. Graphs and artwork saved as files can also be dynamically linked or statically embedded in the current graph by using the standard OLE facility, accessible by clicking the Graph Tools toolbar Insert OLE Object  button or selecting OLE Object from the Insert menu.