How do I place a graph title or a footnote in a fixed position?

You can convert the standard title or any custom text into one of the standard graph text positions (e.g., a footnote). You can also convert it into moveable text (see above) and then fix it in the desired location. After the floating title is created, click the Text object properties button on the Graph Titles/Text tab to display the Text Object Properties dialog box. Here, you can position the title or footnote in the desired location.

If you intend for the text to stay in a particular place in the graph area regardless of future changes to the graph scales or graph location (within the graph area), clear the Dynamic check box in the Coordinates (left-upper) group, which will keep the text in the absolute window coordinates regardless of the changes to the graph (e.g., in 5% of the window width and length from the upper-left corner).