Creating a Graphics Style

The general features, applications, and facilities for managing graphics styles in STATISTICA is described in Graphics Styles - Overview. In general, practically every aspect of STATISTICA graphs can be customized, and those customizations can be saved as styles that can later be reused by applying them to new or existing graphs.

To create a graphics style, simply introduce the desired customizations to your graph, and all objects such as arrows, custom text, drawings etc. on you graph. You can then save all customizations by right-clicking on the Graphics Styles box on the Graph Tools toolbar.

Many edit fields, drop-down boxes, etc. available on the various tabs of the Graph Options dialog box or sub dialog boxes (e.g., the Line Properties dialog box) also contain a Style box; e.g., a Line style box as shown below.

If you click the button to the right of the Line styles box, or right-click on the box, a menu is displayed containing the commands to Save, Save As Default, Save As, etc. Using these commands, you can make the respective customization (e.g., line pattern) the default for future graphs (select Save as Default), save it in the current style, or use Save As to create a new style that you can later apply to the new graphs.

For additional details, see:

Graphics Styles - Overview