Example 2: Adding Styles for Graph Objects

Properties of graphic objects such as arrows, rectangles, ovals, etc. and other features/properties addressed by options available from the Graph Tools toolbar can also be specified with graph styles. If, before saving the graph style in Example 1: Styles that Apply to the Entire Graph, a red arrow with a solid-filled head is placed on the graph and the Increase Font toolbar button  is clicked several times to increase the size of graph fonts and point markers, these object properties will be appended to the graph style.

Upon creating a new graph using the saved style (i.e., specifying it on the Appearance tab of the creation dialog box) or applying the saved style to a previously created graph (via selecting the style from the Graph styles box when the graph is active) the increased font and marker sizes are applied immediately in addition to the other features specified in Example 1. No arrow will be added automatically to the graph, but if the Arrow tool is selected from the Graphs Tools toolbar, any arrow you draw on the graph will have the solid head as specified by the style and will be red.