Graphics Styles - Importing and Exporting Styles

Suppose you have created a complex graphics style that you want to use on another computer, for example, on your computer at home, and you have created the style with STATISTICA installed on the computer at your office. There are two ways to make graphics styles "portable": by using a graph itself as the carrier of the style or via the Configurations options.

Using a graph as a carrier of a graphics style from one system to another. This method involves using the graph itself as a "carrier" of the graphics style. First, apply the desired graphics style to the graph. Next, save the graph and then open it on the other system. Click the background of the graph and then right-click on the Graphics Styles box on the Graph Tools toolbar. In the shortcut menu that is displayed, select Save As to display the Save As dialog. Specify the name for the new graphics style and click the OK button. Now the graphics style is part of the other system's graphics library. This is the traditional and recommended means of porting a graphics style.

Configuration manager. You can also save and retrieve (export and import) the complete configuration of your STATISTICA installation, along with all graphics styles. To use this method of transferring graphics styles (along with other STATISTICA system configurations), select Options from the Tools menu to display the Options dialog box, and select Configurations. Click the Export button to display the Select Configurations dialog box. Then, select the active configuration and click the OK button. Finally, use the Save As dialog to save the *.xml file to a location where the other system can retrieve it and later import it into their system.

To import the configuration, click the Import button on the Configurations tab of the Options dialog box to display the Open dialog box. Next, select the *.xml file that you previously saved, and click the Open button to display the Select Configurations dialog box. Here, select the configuration with the graphics styles that you need to import, and click the OK button. After you have imported the *.xml file, on the Configurations tab select the configuration that you have just imported and click the Select button to load it. Once STATISTICA restarts, all of the graphics styles from the other system will now be installed on the new system.

This latter method is the most efficient means of porting numerous graphics styles; however, it may not be the one you want to use in many cases because using the configuration manager will import all aspects of a system's settings (e.g., toolbar customization and output settings), not just its graphics styles. If you only need to import graphics styles, then use the previous "graph-as-a-carrier" method.

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