2D Graphs

2D graphs include 2D displays of values from single or multiple variables. These plots include a wide variety of both common and unique graph types. For more information on a specific type of 2D graph, click the link below. Conceptual Overviews are also available for most graph types.


2D Histograms

Normal Probability Plots

2D Scatterplots

Quantile-Quantile Plots

Means w/Error Plots

Probability-Probability Plots

2D Box Plots

Bar/Column Plots

 Variability Plots

2D Line Plots (Variables)

2D Range Plots

2D Line Plots (Case Profiles)

Scatter Icon Plots

Sequential/Stacked Plots

Scatter Image Plots

Pie Charts

Scatterplots w/Histograms

Missing/Range Data Plots

Scatterplots w/Box Plots

 Parallel Coordinate Plots

 Bag Plots

2D Custom Function Plots