Categorized Graphs

Many of the 2D Graphs, 3D Sequential Graphs, and 3D XYZ Graphs can be created in multi-graph displays defined by the categories of an additional one or two variables to subdivide the originally selected data into the desired subsets ("categories").

One component graph is produced for each level of the grouping variable (or a combination of levels of two grouping variables or user-defined subset of data) and all the component graphs are arranged in one display to allow for comparisons between the subsets of data (categories).

Categorized graphs can be specified either from the Categorized tab of the graph specification dialog for the respective graph types or by selecting Categorized Graphs from the Graphs menu. Categorized graphs are available for the following graph types:



Line Plots


Box Plots

Means w/Error Plots

Pie Charts

Probability Plots

Missing/Range Data Plots

Quantile-Quantile Plots

3D XYZ Plots

Probability-Probability Plots

3D Ternary Plots