Multivariate Quality Control Charts Overview

The STATISTICA Multivariate Quality Control module extends the functionality of univariate (standard Shewhart) control charts, available in the Quality Control module. The multivariate control charts available include:

  • Hotelling T2 charts for individual observations and sample means

  • Multivariate Exponentially Weighted Moving Average charts (MEWMA) for observations and sample means

  • Multivariate Cumulative Sum charts (MCUSUM) for observations

  • Multiple Stream X-bar and R Charts, MR charts, and S charts for observations and sample means

These charts, which are useful for tracking large numbers of parameters (variables) in a single chart, can be automated in a real-time environment using the (Web-enabled) STATISTICA Enterprise platform and the STATISTICA Monitoring and Alerting Server (MAS), to create a powerful advanced process monitoring and control system capable of monitoring "intelligently" literally hundreds of processes simultaneously.

Most of these charts are described in the 5th edition of Montgomery's Introduction to Statistical Quality Control (2005) in some detail.

Note that the STATISTICA S chart differs from the Montgomery formulas because in STATISTICA, C4 is calculated more precisely than by Montgomery, who used lookup tables.

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