Calling Statistica from Visual Basic in Other Applications (Excel, Word, etc.)

What makes the Visual Basic environment so powerful is the ability to integrate and manipulate various applications and their environments into a single program. For example, you can write a Visual Basic program (SVB program) that will compute basic descriptive statistics via Statistica Descriptive Statistics, and transfer that matrix into an Excel Spreadsheet or a Microsoft Word document. The exchange of information between different applications is accomplished by exposing those applications to the Visual Basic programs as objects. So, for example, you can run statistical analyses in the Statistica Basic Statistics module from a Visual Basic program in Excel, by declaring inside the program an object of type Statistica.Application.

Once an object has been created, the Visual Basic program then has access to the properties and methods contained in that object. Properties can be thought of as variables, methods can be thought of as subroutines or functions that perform certain operations or computations inside the respective application object.

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