Nonlinear Least Squares Results - Residuals Tab

Purpose of Nonlinear Estimation

Select the Residuals tab of the Nonlinear Least Squares Results dialog box to access the options described here.

Predicted values, Residuals, etc. Click the Predicted values, Residuals, etc. button to create a spreadsheet containing the observed, predicted, and residual values.

Normal probability plot of residuals. Click the Normal probability plot of residuals button to produce a normal probability plot of residuals.

Observed vs. Predicted. Click the Observed vs. Predicted button to create a plot of observed vs. predicted values.

Save predicted and residual values. Click the Save predicted and residual values button to display the standard variable selection dialog box, in which you select the variables to be analyzed. Click the OK button to display predicted and residual scores (as well as the selected variables) in a standard STATISTICA spreadsheet (shown in an individual window, regardless of the settings on the Options dialog box - Output Manager tab or in the Analysis/Graph Output Manager dialog box). You can, however, add the spreadsheet to a workbook or report using the or buttons, respectively. Note that in order to save the spreadsheet, you must select the spreadsheet and select either Save or Save As from the File menu.

Histogram of residuals. Click the Histogram of residuals button to create a plot of the frequency distribution (Histogram) of the residuals.

Half-normal probability plot. Click the Half-normal probability plot button to produce a half-normal probability plot, which is constructed in the same way as the standard normal probability plot, except that only the positive half of the normal curve is considered. Consequently, only positive normal values will be plotted on the Y axis.

Residual vs. Predicted. Click the Residual vs. Predicted button to create a plot of residual vs. predicted values.