Nonlinear Estimation - Syntax (User Functions)

The syntax for specifying regression models and loss functions is straightforward, because it follows the standard notation for mathematical expressions. The fastest way to familiarize yourself with the syntax is to review the examples provided in the examples provided below. Note that you can save the equation specifying a model and loss function using the Save As button on the Estimated function or Estimated Function and Loss Function dialog. The file will be saved in a standard text format, so that it can also be edited via other editors (e.g., Notepad); it consists of two lines of text: the model and the loss function.

Shown below the Estimated function and Loss function boxes on the Estimated function and loss function dialog (below the Estimated function box on the Estimated function dialog) is a summary of the syntax. The general conventions for the equations and syntax reference are given below:

General Syntax Conventions: Regression Equations

General Syntax Conventions: Loss Function


Example: Specifying a regression model that will evaluate differences across groups

Example: Using logical expressions to estimate regression parameters