Ribbon bar. Select the Edit tab. In the Links group, click OLE Object to display the Links dialog box.

Classic menus. From the Edit menu, select Links to display the Links dialog box.

Use these options to manage links between the report and other applications. All the links for the active document are listed in the large box. Select the link you want to manage, and then use the options below. Note that the Source to which the link is made, the Type of associated application and Update status are reported in the large box as well as beneath it.

Links, Type, Update. This box lists all of the linked items in your current report. To modify a given link, select it in this box, and then use the other options in this dialog box.

Source. The location of the original file used for the currently selected link will be shown in this field.

Type. This field shows from what type of document (e.g., MS Word, MS Excel) the currently selected link was created.

Update. The two options shown here determine whether the link is automatically updated when the report is opened (select Automatic) or manually updated (select Manual).  

Automatic. Select the Automatic option button to automatically update the report when changes to the source file are made. This is the default link status. Note that you can toggle between Automatic and Manual (see below) by clicking on the Update portion of the large box as well. If Automatic is selected, as the information is updated in the source (or server) file, it will overwrite the existing information in the STATISTICA (or client) report.

Manual. Select the Manual option button to update the report manually by clicking the Update Now button.

Cancel. Click this button to close this dialog box.

Update Now. Click the Update Now button to update the report manually.

Open Source. Click the Open Source button to open the associated application to which the report is linked. When this button is clicked, the appropriate software will be launched, and the source file will be opened in it. For example, if the link is with an Excel file, then Excel will be launched and the sheet will be opened for editing, etc.

Change Source. Click the Change Source button to change the source for the currently selected link. The Change Source dialog box will be displayed, which is a standard file selection dialog box that is used to change the file to which the report is linked.

Break Link. Click the Break Link button to break the link between the original file and the report. If you click this button, the object will automatically become embedded in the report as a static (non-changing) object. The connection between the source file and the report will be broken.