Set Variable Width

After selecting a variable (column) in a spreadsheet (or multiple variables/columns):

Ribbon bar. Select the Format tab. In the Variables group, click Width...

Classic menus. From the Format - Variables submenu, select Width... display the Set Variable Width dialog box. Use these options to change the width of the selected variable(s).

Width. In the Width box, type the desired width (in inches) you want to apply to the selected variable(s). If one variable is selected, the value entered in this field will affect the currently selected column. If more than one variable is selected, the new variable width will be applied to all selected variables in the spreadsheet.

Auto Fit. Click the Auto Fit button to automatically change the column width to accommodate the longest entry (including the variable name).

OK. Click the OK button to apply the new column width.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to exit this dialog box without changing the width of the selected variable(s).

Note that variable name will wrap to fit the column width. However the values in the variable will not.