Standardization of Values

Ribbon bar. Select the Data tab. In the Transformations group, click Standardize to display the Standardization of Values dialog box.

Classic menus. From the Data menu, select Standardize to display the Standardization of Values dialog box.

See also: Standardizing Data.

Variables. Click the Variables button to display the standard Select Variables dialog box, which is used to select the variables on which to perform the standardization. By default, no variables are selected to be standardized.

Cases. Click the Cases button to display the Case Selection Conditions dialog box. By default, all cases are used in computing means and standard deviations for each variable. However, you may use case selection conditions to compute the mean and standard deviation for a subset of the cases in the active spreadsheet. As an example of this type of subset standardization, you can standardize values once for "Males" and then for "Females" in order to obtain standardized scores according to their respective (different) group means and standard deviations. For more information about case selection conditions, see Case Selection Conditions Syntax Summary and Case Selection Conditions Examples.

Weight. Click the Weight button to display the Define Weight dialog box. By default, the selected case(s) contribute equally to the computation of the variable means and standard deviations. You can select a weighting variable by clicking the Weight button and specifying a variable as containing weights; the influence of each case can be varied by an amount proportional to the value of the weight variable for the case. Note that although STATISTICA actually uses a faster algorithm, this system can be interpreted as reading each case a number of times that is equivalent to the current value of its weight.

OK. Click the OK button to accept the changes made in the Standardization of Values dialog box.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to close the dialog box. Any changes made will be disregarded.