Data - Direct Mode

Ribbon bar. Select the Data tab. In the Mode group, select the Direct check box...

Classic menus. From the Data menu, select Direct Mode...

...when you want to perform data management operations on very large data files. Select this command to perform those operations directly on the current data file instead of on a temporary backup file. By selecting this command, no such temporary backup file will have to be created, nor does it have to be copied over to the permanent input file during the Save operation.

Note. However, when transforming or editing data in files opened in Direct Mode, inadvertent changes to the file (e.g., accidental deletion of data) cannot be undone (in most cases); therefore, be extra careful when editing files in the Direct Mode!

Management of backup files for data management. By default, when you open a data file for editing, STATISTICA will maintain a complete backup copy of that file so that you can later easily abandon all editing operations and revert to the original file contents. For very large data files, this may require noticeable delays, as the data files are copied. Also, there may be limited disk space available to maintain multiple copies of very large files (and, hence, you have to operate in Direct Mode). By setting the Direct Mode of operation, you can still Undo simple editing operations (e.g., of single cells; use option Edit - Undo, or press CTRL+Z). However, more complex operations will quickly exhaust the Undo buffer, and those operations can then no longer be undone in Direct Mode. Therefore, be careful when editing files in this mode!

The Direct Mode of operation is not available in the following circumstances:

  • For small to moderately sized files, where the standard management of temporary backup files is practically instant, and no significant performance gains can be obtained by using this mode;

  • When input data files are embedded in STATISTICA Workbooks.

  • When using old-style STATISTICA files; you can convert these files to a format compatible with Direct Mode operation by saving these files (either via Save as or a simple Save, in which case the updated file will be saved under the same name).