Edit - DDE Links

Ribbon bar. Select the Edit tab. In the Links group, click DDE to display the Manage DDE Links dialog box.

Classic menus. From the Edit menu, select DDE Links to display the Manage DDE Links dialog box.

Click the New Link button to create a new DDE (Dynamic Data Interchange) link. You can also edit, delete, disable, or update the selected link in the Current DDE Links box by clicking the respective button. To update all of the DDE Links, click the Update All button. Click the Set Manual/Set Auto button to change the selected DDE link from an automatically updated link to a manually updated link or vice versa. Finally, click the Close button to close this dialog box.

See How do I set up DDE links between STATISTICA and other Windows applications? and DDE links for an explanation on DDE (Dynamic Data Interchange) links and how they work with spreadsheets.