Exporting Data

STATISTICA can export data files to numerous Windows and non-Windows applications using the file export facilities.

Ribbon bar. Select the File tab, and click Save As.

Classic menus. On the File menu, select Save As to display the Save As dialog box.

A wide variety of files are available in the Save as type box. STATISTICA Spreadsheet, STATISTICA Matrix, Excel, dBASE, SPSS Portable, Lotus Worksheets, Quattro Pro/DOS, Text [(formatted and free format text (ASCII)], HTML, and STATISTICA 5 Files are available.

Note: When saving a spreadsheet of more than 10,000 cells as type "HTML File (*.htm)," the number of cases in the saved spreadsheet will be truncated so that the number of cells is less than 10,000. This is because large HTML spreadsheets take a long time to display and are, as a result, difficult to use.

After you select the type of file to save the spreadsheet as, you can specify the exact way in which the translation is to be performed. For instance, if you save as an Excel Workbook, you are prompted to specify the range of the data file and whether to export variable names, case names, and text labels.