Can Statistica access data from enterprise databases?

Yes. Statistica Query is provided via both the File - Get External Data and the Data - Get External Data menus. As long as the database format supports a 32-bit ODBC driver or an OLE DB provider, accessing such data should present no problem.

Note that you can either take advantage of Statistica Query's built-in graphical user interface for querying:

or write SQL statements in a text editor.

For further details about setting up connections to external databases, consult the database vendor and/or your database administrator.

Note: Connecting to external databases for streaming. The Get External Data option executes a user-defined query, and copies the resulting data to your local computer. In other words, all data retrieved by the query will be copied into a Statistica data file, and stored locally. Alternatively, you can connect to external databases and retrieve particular sets of data via query without the need to create a local copy of the data. Specifically, in the Create New Document dialog box, select the Streaming DB Connector tab to create a connection to a database that will look to Statistica as if it were a regular data file. In other words, when you use the streaming options, the program will not first copy and store all data returned by the query on your local computer and then begin the analyses, but rather, the computer will process the database in place, only fetching the information from the database when it is needed for computations. Hence, streaming connections are particularly useful and efficient when processing extremely large data sets (retrieved by a query from an external database), and they are commonly used in data mining applications. See also Streaming Database Connector Technology for additional details.