How can I expand a block in the spreadsheet outside the current screen?

Blocks can be selected by (1) highlighting a block with the mouse pointer, (2) clicking in one corner of the block to be selected, scrolling to the desired opposite corner (the original cell remains selected), and SHIFT+click in that cell, or (3) pressing the SHIFT key while using the arrow keys on the keyboard. To expand a previously selected block, you can use the SHIFT+cursor key, or scroll the display with the mouse pointer and SHIFT+click in the desired corner of the block. To select a large block in "split-pane" mode (as shown below), click in a cell in one pane, and then scroll (in the same pane) to display the diagonally opposite corner of another pane and SHIFT+click to select the block.


Variable speed of block highlighting. Note that you can control the speed at which you scroll when you extend a block outside the current display window. By moving the cursor a short distance away from the spreadsheet, you can scroll one line at a time when a block is selected; you can scroll one page at a time by moving the cursor farther away from the spreadsheet.