Can Clipboard and drag-and-drop operations in the spreadsheet affect values outside the range that is being pasted or dropped?

Text Labels. When you copy or move a block in the spreadsheet, the values copied to the Clipboard depend on the display mode of the spreadsheet. If the spreadsheet displays numeric values when the block is copied, then only those numeric values are copied to the Clipboard. If the spreadsheet displays text labels when the block is copied, then not only are the text labels copied to the Clipboard, but also the corresponding numeric values.


This can result in the assignment of text labels to numeric values that did not previously have text label equivalents. Note that in the illustration above, even though only the (highlighted) block was moved, other numeric values in the target variable (in this case 1's and 2's) acquired new text identities.

Display Formats. When you copy or move a block in a spreadsheet, the display format for that block is also copied. This means that the display format of the copied or moved block overwrites the display format for the block into which it is copied. For example, if you copy a block of values that are formatted as currency and paste them into a variable that is formatted as percentage, the block remains formatted as currency even though the rest of the values in that variable are formatted as percentage.

In the example above, the four currency values copied from Cost are still formatted as currency even though they were pasted into the variable Percent.