Create a New Paste Link

Paste links are a good way to enhance the functionality of your spreadsheet. They allow you to establish a link between a "source" (or server) file (e.g., an Excel spreadsheet) and a client file (e.g., a STATISTICA data file), so that when changes are made to the data in the source file, the data will be automatically updated in the STATISTICA spreadsheet (client file). Paste links are very similar to DDE links. Paste links, however, allow you to easily return to the source file in order to make changes in the data when you are working in STATISTICA. Just double-click on the data that has been paste linked into the STATISTICA Spreadsheet to launch the source file in its original application.

To create a Paste link in your STATISTICA Spreadsheet, follow these instructions:

  1. Copy the data from the source file to the Clipboard. To do this in most applications, highlight the data you want to copy, and then select Copy from the Edit menu.

  2. In STATISTICA, place the mouse pointer in the exact cell of the spreadsheet where you want to paste the data from the source file.

  3. Select Paste Special from the Edit menu to display the Paste Special dialog.

  4. In the Paste Special dialog, select Paste Link and the type of source file in the As: list box.

  5. Click OK.

See also Paste Link - Overview. For more information on how to work with Paste links, see Breaking a Paste Link, Changing a Paste Link Source, Opening a Paste Link Source, and Updating a Paste Link.