STATISTICA Electronic Manual

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The STATISTICA Electronic Manual provides comprehensive reference information on all procedures, facilities, and options of the STATISTICA application. Click on any topic for more information, or navigate through the Electronic Manual by using the Table of Contents at left.

Options for Customizing STATISTICA


Data Miner Recipes

Data Mining Workspaces (cont.)

General Classification/Regression Tree Models

General Classifier (Trees and Clusters)

General CHAID Models

Quick Linear Models Project

Interactive Trees (C&RT, CHAID)

Advanced Comprehensive Classifiers Project

Boosted Tree Classifiers and Regression

Build Your Own Project

Random Forests for Regression and Classification

General Modeler and Multivariate Explorer

Generalized Additive Models

Quick Linear Models Project

MARSplines (Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines)

Advanced Comprehensive Regression Models Project

Generalized EM & k-Means Clustering

Build Your Own Project

STATISTICA Automated Neural Networks

General Forecaster

Machine Learning (Bayesian, Support Vectors, K-Nearest)

Neural Network Time Series Project

  Independent Components Analysis

Build Your Own Project

Text & Document Mining

General Neural Network Explorer

FileWeb Crawling, Document Retrieval

Multilayer Perceptrons Project

Association Rules

Advanced Multiple Architecture Project

Sequence, Association, and Link Analysis

Build Your Own Project

Rapid Deployment of Predictive Models (PMML)

Process Optimization

Goodness of Fit, Classification, Prediction

Root Cause Analysis

Feature Selection and Variable Screening

Response Optimization for Data Mining Models

Optimal Binning for Predictive Data Mining

General Optimization

Data Mining Workspaces

QC Charts

My Procedures

Quality Control Charts

All Procedures

Multivariate Quality Control

Data Cleaning and Filtering

Quality Control Charts for Variable Lists

General Slicer/Dicer Explorer with Drill-Down

  Predictive Quality Control

Interactive Drill Down


Build Your Own Project



Advanced Database Access Tools

Consult the product description brochure for sales information concerning the modules listed above and, specifically, which modules are included in each STATISTICA product.