Descriptive Statistics

Creates basic descriptive statistics, such as means, medians, standard deviations, quartiles, etc. for all continuous variables; frequency tables and histograms for all categorical (class) and continuous variables. At Level of Detail = Comprehensive, Skewness, Kurtosis, Mode, etc. are also computed. When All results is requested, the program also reports normal expected frequencies, Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Lilliefors Tests for Normality, Shapiro-Wilk's W Test for continuous variables, and normal probability plots. For frequency tables and histograms you can specify the method of categorization, and/or the number of intervals to use for tabulating the continuous variables. For categorical variables with specific codes, the frequency tables and histograms will be computed using those codes.


Detail of computed results reported. Detail of results reported. If the Comprehensive level of detail is selected, additional descriptive statistics are reported (e.g., Mode, Skewness, etc.); when All results is selected various graphs are also computed.

Creates medians. Choose whether to compute medians; note that computing medians may require significant computing resources for huge data sets.

Creates quartiles. Choose whether to compute the lower and upper quartile values (25th and 75th percentile values).

Type of categorization. Specifies the method of categorization of the values in the histogram for the selected variable(s).

Number of Intervals. Use this option to specify the number of categories for histograms and frequency tables; only used when the Type of categorization is set to Number of categories.