Probability Distribution Calculator - Overview

The Probability Distribution Calculator is a facility that enables you to compute critical values for a specified distribution based on user-specified parameters or degrees of freedom, or significance levels for the distribution. One of the unique features of this calculator is the interactive graph icons, which display the density function and cumulative distribution function for the specified distribution based on the respective parameters. You can display those graphs in the standard (customizable) graph window and print them via the Create Graph option. This calculator is accessible via the Probability Calculator option in the Basic Statistics and Tables Startup Panel, accessible from the Statistics tab, Base group (ribbon bar) or the Statistics menu (classic menus).

Note that you can change the values of the parameters by either manually editing them in the respective edit field (click the Compute button to complete the calculations) or by using the microscrolls to incrementally change the values in the edit fields. When you use the microscrolls to change a value, Statistica will automatically recompute the other values. See also Probability Distribution Calculator topic.