Long Factor Labels for Multiple Response Sets

Select the User defined factor labels option button on the Multiple Response Tables dialog box - Options tab to display the Long Factor Labels for Multiple Response Sets dialog box. By default, STATISTICA will take as the short and long label for a factor the short and long variable name from the first actual variable in the respective list (if one is specified in the data file). You can change those labels by typing in the desired names into the respective edit fields. To return to the default, click on the Use default button.

Name of Factor (Mult. Resp. Set). By default, the names for factors are taken from the first variable in each respective list. To change the names, simply enter the new name into the Name of Factor (Mult. Resp. Set) edit field next to the respective factor. This new name will automatically be updated and reflected on the Quick tab of the Multiple Response Tables dialog box.

Long Label for Multiple Response factor (Set). The current long name (label) will be listed in the box (where available). You can assign a new long label for a specific factor (variable) simply by typing it into the appropriate edit field.

Use default. Click the Use default button to return to the default short and long variable name(s).