Select the Variables for Interaction Plot

Click the Interaction plots button in various dialog boxes ( e.g., the Statistics by Groups Results dialog box - Quick tab) to display the Select the variables for interaction plot dialog box. The options in this dialog box are used to choose which of the selected variables to include in the plot. You can select only those variables that you want plotted, or click OK to accept the default selection (all variables in the list); each variable in the resulting interaction plots will be represented by a different line color or pattern.

OK. Click the OK button (after you have selected variables) to display the Arrangement of Factors dialog box.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to return to the previous dialog box without creating an interaction plot.

Select variables. The numbers of the selected variables will be shown in this field. To deselect a variable, you can unhighlight it in the list box or remove its number from this field. You can also enter variable numbers in this box.

Select All. Click the Select All button to select all the variables in the list box.

Spread. Click the Spread button to display more information (for example, the long description) of each variable.

Shrink. Click the Shrink button (which is the alternate function of the Spread button) to display concise information (the variable number and short name) for each variable.

Zoom. Click the Zoom button to view the Values/Stats dialog box for the currently selected variable in the list box.