Selecting a Weighting Variable

The weight option enables you to adjust the contribution of individual cases to the outcome of an analysis by weighting those cases in proportion to the values of a selected variable. Select this option (either by double-clicking the Weight field on the spreadsheet status bar, clicking the Weight button in various dialog boxes or on an analysis definition menu, or by selecting this option from the Tools menu) to open the Define Weight dialog box.

In most modules, the values of the weights are rounded to the nearest integer and used as multipliers of cases when the file is processed. The statistical procedures in some modules can use fractional weights, and in those modules, specific information about how weights will enter into the computations is described in the help windows of those Statistica modules (e.g., Descriptive Statistics and Tables, Correspondence Analysis, Variance Components and Mixed Model ANOVA/ANCOVA).

See also the Define Weight dialog box topic.