Cluster Analysis: Two-Way Joining - Advanced Tab

Two-way Joining

Select the Advanced tab of the Cluster Analysis: Two-Way Joining dialog box to access the options described here.

Variables. Click the Variables button to display the standard variable selection dialog box, in which you select the variables to be included in the analysis.

Threshold Value. The Threshold Value group box contains two options: User defined and Computed from data (Std. dev./2). The 2-way joining algorithm attempts to simultaneously cluster cases and variables. The threshold parameter determines when the algorithm will consider two numbers in the data matrix to be equal, and thus satisfactorily classified in the same cluster. If this value is very large (relative to the numbers in the data matrix), only one cluster will be formed; if it is very small, each data point will represent a cluster by itself.

User defined. If you select the User defined option button, enter a threshold parameter for the analysis in the box adjacent to the button or use the microscrolls to adjust the value.

Computed from data (Std. dev./2). If you select the Computed from data (Std. dev./2) option button, STATISTICA uses the default value (the overall standard deviation divided by 2) for the threshold parameter, which is recommended for most cases.

Batch processing and reporting. If you select the Batch processing and reporting check box, STATISTICA automatically performs the analysis (after you click the OK button) and sends the entire output from the analysis to a workbook, individual windows, and/or to a report (depending to the options selected in the Analysis/Graph Output Manager).