Cluster Analysis: Joining (Tree Clustering) - Quick Tab

Joining (Tree Clustering)

Select the Quick tab of the Cluster Analysis: Joining (Tree Clustering) dialog box to access the options described here.

Variables. Click the Variables button to display the standard variable selection dialog box. Note that STATISTICA interprets the selected variables as dimensions if Cases (rows) is selected in the Cluster box on the Advanced tab; if Variables (Columns) is selected in the Cluster box, the selected variables will be interpreted as objects.

Input file. The Input file box contains two options: Raw data and Distance matrix.

Raw data. If you select Raw data, then STATISTICA expects a standard raw data file as input.

Distance matrix. If you select Distance matrix, the input matrix may either be a correlation matrix or a distance (dissimilarity) matrix with numbers indicating the distances or dissimilarities between objects. STATISTICA will automatically determine the contents of the matrix (i.e., whether it contains correlations or dissimilarities, see Matrix File Format). If the input matrix is a correlation matrix (which indicates the similarity and closeness between objects), it is converted to distances before the analysis begins; specifically, all correlations are transformed as 1-Pearson r.