General Parameters

The following are general-purpose parameters that control the operation of the Statistica program:


Do not display splash-screen on startup (this keyword has no parameter)


The Statistica options file, statopts.xml, contains all user customizations and settings. These include the settings in the Options dialog box, customization of menus/toolbars, dialog box positions, and more. By default, Statistica uses the statopts.xml file located in user-specific data area, for example, C:Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\StatSoft\Statistica\statopts.xml (where USERNAME is your specific user name).

When this command-line parameter is used, it overrides the default location of the statopts.xml file. The parameter immediately after the "=" is the full path name of the Statistica options file to use. For example:

      statist.exe /statopts="c:\testdir\statopts.xml"


This command-line parameter specifies the full path of an SVB macro to run when the program starts up. For example:

      statist.exe /runmacro="c:\testdir\startup.svb"

If this macro does not make the application visible through use of the SVB Application.Visible = True command (or by making any of the Statistica objects visible), the application will shut down automatically when the macro completes. This enables use of Statistica SVB programs in silent batch mode.

If the application is made visible, the application will open in whatever state was created by the macro, and allow the initial state of the program to be configured.

The optional command-line parameter "MacroArgument" allows a string value to be passed as a parameter. Note that this is accessible through the global GetScriptArgument function. For example:

      statist.exe /RunMacro=C:\macro1.svb /MacroArgument="MONDAY"

/p filename

This command-line parameter will print the specific Statistica file on the default printer. Note there must be a space between the /p and the file name. For example:

      statist.exe /p "c:\testdir\myreport.str"


This command line parameter allows you to specify the number of processor cores used by Statistica for multi-threaded operation. This value will automatically set the value in the Options dialog box: Analysis - Limits tab. The special value /threads=0 will set the setting to the maximum allowed by your hardware, and corresponds to the Default option in the Options dialog box: Analysis - Limits tab. Note that you are always restricted by the number of cores you are licensed to use; if you specify a value greater than the licensed number of cores, the licensed number of cores will be used instead.