The following parameters are used to register and unregister Statistica functions with the system. This operation is conducted by the installer when the program is installed or uninstalled, and should not normally be needed by the end-user. Registration of Statistica consists of registering all the COM servers and type libraries used within the Statistica program.


Register this instance of Statistica (conducted by installer)


Unregisters Statistica


Do not register the running version with the Statistica Version Manager. Normally, when starting up, the system will detect if the currently running version was the same version as running previously, and if not, register itself with the Statistica Version Manager service. Specifying this command line parameter avoids the Statistica Version Manager registration.


Forces Statistica to be started in limited user mode. Statistica will avoid operations requiring administrator permissions when running as a limited user. Statistica tries to automatically detect when the account it is running under is a limited user; you can use this command line switch to bypass automatic detection, and force the program to run as a limited user.