Statistica Command Line Options

The statist.exe Statistica executable can be started with one or more different command line parameter keywords that affect its operation. The command line parameter keywords can be specified with either a leading forward slash ("/"), or a leading dash ("-").

For example:      statist.exe -nologo

is the same as:   statist.exe /nologo

Additionally, all the command line parameter keywords are case insensitive, and can be in upper, lower, or mixed case.

For example:      statist.exe /NOLogo

is the same as:   statist.exe /nologo

However, some of the parameter values, such as the Statistica Enterprise password, are case sensitive. Also, if parameter values can contain spaces (such as a path name), they must be included in quotes.

For example:       statist.exe /logpath="C:\Log Path\"

Some command line keywords require a space between the keyword and the parameter, and some must not have a space; consult General Parameters for the specifics.

See also, Debug Logging, Installation/Startup, and Statistica Enterprise Related Parameters.