About Statistica - Software Technology

The performance, flexible customizability, and wide selection of options that can be tailored to your needs mentioned in General "Philosophy" of the Statistica Approach would not be possible if Statistica did not feature the advanced technologies that drive all functions of the application. Statistica uses and/or supports virtually all the relevant leading edge software technologies available today. Every one of the thousands of Statistica features is accessible from the object model, and each can be accessed transparently for selective or global integration with other applications (e.g., using VB, C++, or Java).

Statistica incorporates advanced implementations of the OLE/ActiveX technology in client and server mode for all document types; practically no limitations are imposed in terms of either the amount or complexity of data that can be stored. Statistica also is optimized for Web and multimedia applications. Computational and graphics procedures are driven by countless proprietary optimizations (such as, for example, the "quadruple precision" computational technology that allows us to overcome the limitations of the IEEE floating point storage standards). As a result, Statistica offers unmatched speed, numerical precision, and responsiveness, which is aided by multithreading. Data access is based on a flexible streaming technology that allows Statistica to work effortlessly with both the simple input data files stored on the local drive and queries of multidimensional databases containing terabytes of data and stored in remote data warehouses, and processed in-place (i.e., without having to import them to a local storage; this feature is available in enterprise versions of Statistica).

For example, you can simultaneously run multiple instances of Statistica, each running multiple analyses of data from multiple and simultaneously open input data files and queries, and the results can be organized into separate projects. Statistica's input and output data files and graphs can be of practically unlimited size, comprising hierarchies of documents of various types. The output can be directed to a multitude of output channels such as high performance workbooks, reports, the Internet, etc.

See also, Web Enablement - Statistica Enterprise Server and Technology of the Statistica Quality Control Charts Module (Technical Note).