About Statistica - The General "Philosophy" of the Statistica Approach

Statistica's default configuration (its general user interface and system options) is a result of years of listening carefully to our users. We have received feedback from tens of thousands of our users, representing hundreds of thousands of users from all continents and, practically speaking, all walks of life. One of the most important facts that we learned from these users is how different their needs and preferences are (both across individuals and projects or applications). In order to meet those differentiated needs, Statistica is designed to offer perhaps one of the most flexible and easily customizable user interfaces of any contemporary application.

Although Statistica provides access to a powerful arsenal of advanced software technologies (see Software Technology), you do not even need to know about them because they are designed to work automatically and intuitively. A novice user may never see more than a few self-explanatory buttons. Advanced options, however, are only one tab or mouse click away. Practically every aspect of Statistica (from the startup configuration, to the way the output is generated and managed by the system, to how Statistica prompts you to choose your next step) can be changed with a mouse click. Moreover, Statistica remembers your changes until you change your mind. Practically every dialog box used to select an analysis or perform a routine operation can be easily replaced (e.g., simplified, enhanced, or combined with custom, user-designed procedures). Statistica will always look and work the way you want.