About Statistica - Unique Features

Some of the unique features of the Statistica line of software include:

  • The breadth of selection and comprehensiveness of implementation of analytical procedures,

  • The unparalleled selection, quality, and customizability of graphics integrated seamlessly with every computational procedure,

  • The efficient and user-friendly user interface,

  • The fully integrated, industry standard Statistica Visual Basic that adds more than 11,000 new functions to the comprehensive syntax of Microsoft Visual Basic, thus comprising one of the most extensive development environments available, and

  • A wide selection of advanced software technologies (see Software Technology) that is responsible for Statistica's practically unlimited capacity, performance (speed, responsiveness), and application customization options.

One of the most unique and important features of the Statistica family of applications is that these technologies allow even inexperienced users to tailor Statistica to their specific preferences. You can customize practically every aspect of Statistica, including even the low-level procedures of its user interface. The same version of Statistica can be used:

  • By novices to perform routine tasks using the default (Quick) analysis startup dialogs (containing just a few, self-explanatory buttons), or even by accessing Statistica with their Web browsers (and a highly simplified front end), and

  • By experienced analysts, professional statisticians, and advanced application developers who can integrate any of Statistica's highly optimized procedures (more than 11,000 functions) into custom applications or computing environments, using any of the cutting edge, object-oriented, and/or Web-embedded software technologies.