Enterprise Systems

Dell is a technology leader in the fast growing area of integrated, enterprise-wide data analysis solutions organized around centralized data warehouses. These powerful, state-of-the-art software solutions can either be installed as stand-alone systems (e.g., to monitor and control manufacturing processes of practically unlimited complexity), or seamlessly integrated as a component of enterprise computing environments. Statistica Enterprise Systems can incorporate existing data warehouses or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software systems such as those offered by Oracle, SAP, and others.

In addition to the common features included in all Statistica products, Statistica Enterprise Systems offer a wide selection of tools for collaborative work, Web browser-based user interface (using the optional Statistica Enterprise Server), specialized databases, and a highly optimized interface to enterprise-wide data repositories, including options to rapidly process large data sets from remote servers in-place, without creating local copies.

Dell offers several lines of enterprise-wide solutions:

Statistica Enterprise-wide Data Mining System, or Data Miner, the most comprehensive selection of data mining techniques on the market, with an icon-based, extremely easy-to-use user interface.

Statistica Enterprise, which is designed for quality control/improvement applications and provides real-time monitoring and alarm notification for the production floor, a comprehensive set of analytical tools for engineers, sophisticated reporting features for management, and much more.

Statistica Enterprise Server, a highly scalable, enterprise-level, Web-based data analysis and database gateway application system built on the distributed processing technology and fully supporting the three-tier client/server architecture configurations. Statistica Enterprise Server exposes the analytic, query, reporting, and graphics functionality of Statistica through easy to use, interactive, standard Web interfaces. It is offered as a complete, ready to install application with an interactive, Internet browser-based (point and click) user interface, allowing licensed users in remote locations to interactively run analyses and review output. However, because of its open architecture, Statistica Enterprise Server also includes development kit tools (based entirely on industry standard syntax conventions such as VB Script), allowing IT departments to customize all main components of the system or to expand it by building on its foundations, for example, by adding new components and/or corporation-specific analytic or database facilities.

Statistica Enterprise-wide Systems combine the highest-performance data access and system integration technologies with the unmatched analytical power and user-friendliness of Statistica. These solutions offer powerful options to query, explore, and mine databases, perform automatic or interactive analyses, and generate automatic or user-specified analytic responses. In addition, the groupware functionality offered in Statistica Enterprise Systems improves organizational communication through a rich selection of tools for automatically analyzing, sharing, responding to and posting data.

Some companies may require custom development work or extensive custom implementation or deployment services. Click here for more information about custom versions of Statistica Enterprise-wide Systems.