Feature Finder

The Statistica Feature Finder is located in the upper-right area of the ribbon bar.


Use the Feature Finder to perform a context sensitive search for program functionality, which is executed in the current program context. For example, when a spreadsheet is displayed, type binom into the Feature Finder edit box.

A list of different analyses related to or using a binomial distribution will be displayed. You can choose one of the topics by clicking it, or you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through the list of choices. After you navigate to the desired item, press the Enter key to execute the functionality/command. If you want to exit out of the Feature Finder, press the Esc key, or click somewhere outside of the Feature Finder.

When a Statistica workspace is open, the Feature Finder list contains titles of workspace nodes that can be inserted into the workspace.

Note that there are no wildcard characters for a search. All characters are treated as literals. If you type "sp*" for a search it will fail. If you type "sp" it will search for everything starting with "sp".  If you type "sp form", the space between "sp" and "form" indicates that "sp" is a whole word and so it will only search for entries that have the whole word of "sp" and another word starting with "form". In this case, no entries will be listed.