How can I suppress the printing of gridlines in spreadsheets?

To suppress the print of the gridlines in an active spreadsheet, you must make changes in two dialogs. First, change the Style of both the Horizontal and Vertical Data Lines to blank in the Gridlines dialog, accessed by selecting Gridlines from the spreadsheet View menu. (Note that you can access the spreadsheet View menu from within a report window or workbook by double-clicking on the spreadsheet. This gives you access to all spreadsheet editing tools.)

Second, clear the Gridline styles and colors check box on the Edit Spreadsheet Layout: Print Filter dialog. (To display this dialog, from the spreadsheet Format - Spreadsheet submenu, select - Layout Manager to display the Spreadsheet Layouts dialog. On the System tab, select Print Filter and click the Edit button.)

Note that clearing this check box causes Statistica to print the gridlines using the styles and colors specified in the Gridlines dialog rather than using a default black.