How do I print spreadsheets?

The simplest way to print a spreadsheet is to click the Print button on the toolbar. Statistica then sends the current spreadsheet to the printer specified in the Print dialog. No other intermediate option dialogs are displayed. If a block is selected in the spreadsheet, then only that block is sent to the output destination; otherwise, the entire spreadsheet is sent to the output. More options are available when you select Print from the File menu (or press CTRL+P). The Print dialog box is displayed, which is used to customize various aspects of the printing. See also How can I suppress the printing of gridlines in spreadsheets?.

Automatic reports

Note that you can keep a complete log of all spreadsheets (and/or graphs) that are displayed on the screen without having to remember to individually transfer them to the report window or to print them. To do this, select the Single Report (common for all Analyses/graphs) option button and the Also send to Report Window check box on the Output Manager tab of the Options dialog box. This tab also contains options for creating separate reports for each analysis. Note that this is a global option (as are all options in the Options dialog box), and it will affect all analyses until the option is changed. To make local changes (changes for the particular analysis only), use the button on the analysis or graph definition dialog box.


For more information on automatic reports, see the Analysis Report Overview.