What are workbooks?

The Statistica Workbook (*.stw) is a flexible output management facility based on the powerful ActiveX technology. Technically speaking, workbooks are ActiveX containers used to manage all Statistica documents ( tables, graphs), as well as all other ActiveX compatible documents such as Microsoft Excel worksheets or Microsoft Word documents. Each workbook contains two panels: an Explorer-style navigation tree on the left and a document viewer on the right. The navigation tree (workbook tree) can be hierarchically split into various nodes allowing you to organize your files in logical groupings ( all analysis outputs, all macros created for a project). Tabs at the bottom of the document viewer (workbook viewer) are used to easily navigate the children of the currently selected node.

Workbooks help to organize sets of output files ( spreadsheets, graphs, reports, macros, non-Statistica files, etc.) that have been created or used ( reviewed) during the analysis of a data file. Refer to the Workbook Overview for more information. See also, Five Channels for Output from Analyses.