What output management options are available in Statistica?

You can customize the way in which the output is managed in Statistica. When you perform an analysis, Statistica generates output in the form of its multimedia tables (spreadsheets) and graphs.

There are five basic channels to which you can direct all output:

  • Statistica Workbooks,

  • Stand-alone Windows,

  • Reports,

  • Microsoft Word, and

  • The Web

The first four output channels listed above are controlled by the options on the Output Manager tab of the Options dialog box. There are a number of ways to output to the Web, depending on the version of Statistica you have.

These means for output can be used in many combinations ( a workbook and report simultaneously) and can be customized in a variety of ways. Also, all output objects (spreadsheets and graphs) placed in each of the output channels can contain other embedded and linked objects and documents, so Statistica output can be hierarchically organized in a variety of ways. Each of the Statistica output channels has its unique advantages.

For more information on each type of document, see Five Channels for Output from Analyses. See also, the Workbook Overview and the Report Overview.